Precision Production through Microhoning

Kenrie's New Microhone® brand honing and microsizing equipment is designed for bearing raceway honing, diesel liner honing, engine block honing, connecting rod microsizing, pinion gear honing, speed gear honing, cv joint honing, valve body & spool match honing, compressor body honing, surface honing, or any other application that requires exact tolerances for bore and surface characteristics.

Kenrie has in its possession every piece of Micromatic engineering and employs individuals with more than 100 years of combined experience in the honing and microsizing field. This allows us to support, retool, refurbish or completely rebuild your existing Micromatic or Ex-Cell-O honing and microsizing equipment with ease.

Kenrie is also the official supplier of spare parts for your Buss Planer Equipment, B& T Die-cast Equipment, B & T Trim Press Equipment, and Ex-Cell-O Structural Foam Equipment.

Let our engineers analyze your needs and help you improve product performance, quality and cost — Contact us today!